CHOICE™ Disposable Gloves

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Gloves have become a mainstay in today’s food handling, assembly, inspection and cleaning industries.

Direct Source stocks CHOICE Disposable Gloves for virtually any application. Current inventory includes: Textured Cast Poly, High Density Poly, Vinyl (Clear & Blue), Synthetic, Latex & Nitrile.

Small through X-Large sizes are available.

Textured Cast Poly & High Density Poly

Inexpensive solutions for a wide variety of food handling, cleaning and other non-medical applications. Lightweight gloves with textured surfaces give a sure grip on wet or slippery objects.

Vinyl & Blue Vinyl

Excellent feel, hypoallergenic materials and a very economical price point. CHOICE Vinyl Gloves are a great all-around choice. Available in Lightly Powdered, Powder-Free, Blue & Exam-Grade varieties.


Also known as "Stretch Vinyl", Synthetic gloves are a great choice for users who like the feel and comfort of latex but wish to avoid potential allergy issues. Smooth and virtually indistinguishable from latex.


The original premium rubber glove material. High-quality natural latex delivers superior comfort, fit and tactile sensitivity for today’s non-medical uses. Available in Lightly Powdered and Powder-Free varieties.


Excellent resistance to punctures and a broad spectrum of chemicals. Blue color makes it easy to retrieve glove pieces from foods in the event of mishaps. Great replacement for latex in today’s non-medical applications.

Exam Grade

Direct Source stocks Exam Grade Vinyl, Latex and Nitrile gloves suitable for medical professionals. CHOICE Exam Grade Gloves are not sterile and should not be used in surgical applications.